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Haiti, La Font. Food distribution. Spaghetti lunch, Soccer team.

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La Font, Haiti

September 16, 2008

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People kept telling me they were hungry. I was in La Font , an hamlet up on the hills a few kilometers outside Jacmel.

The river had flooded and the hurricanes destroyed most of the banana crops.

The day had started early in Jacmel. 7 am coffee from the lady outside with my host Dodo and his friends. The judge from across the street wanted to take my picture. Photography was his hobby and had a few old computer in his house. Due to the state semi permanent blackout he could only use a few hours every few days.

A guy was wearing a "No Wave - Lower East Side" T shirt from the 80s. He could not understand why I wanted to take that photo. In Haiti I saw the most amazing T Shirts that probably here would be sold as vintage at Urban Outfitters.

So I took a moto taxi to La Font. 10 minutes of bumpy ride on uphill dirt roads.

The Haitian Red Cross was unloading big heavy bags of soy, a gift from Canada,  to distribute to the hungry rural people of the area.

As I had press credential they told me at some point I could not shoot the operation.

I walked around, hungry people telling their story, willing to be photographed with a proud look on their face.

A family down the street had a small convenience store business. I liked their home painted light blue with white dots with the family tomb/mausoleum beside.

The daughter made some really good spaghetti for me. Al dente and spicy.

A local amateur soccer team stopped by. They mentioned Maradona's " Hand of God" referring to that goal he infamously scored at the World Cup in Mexico back years ago.

Their dream was to have a uniform for their team.  Everyone at the moment could wear all different jerseys.

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  1. Haiti looks exactly like many parts of West Africa in these pictures and descriptions.


    15 Apr 09 at 15:53

  2. These photos arouse feelings of empathy and admiration. I know these people live in great insecurity, but the faces are so proud. Thank you for capturing and sharing that beauty.

    Lois Wilcken

    15 Apr 09 at 19:20

  3. Powerful imagery. Happy to have “met” you through the blog world today.

    Airika Pope

    7 Aug 09 at 00:40

  4. That’s so sad:(


    26 Jan 10 at 23:04

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